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A First Time Renter’s Budget

Thinking about moving into your first Atlanta apartment rental? The idea can be overwhelming if you are worried you won’t have enough money. Before you move out on your own, considering making a budget to help save money and start good spending habits now. JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers affordable rental homes in the greater Atlanta area.

Use an online budget calculator to see how you spend money. The people at MetLife setup some guidelines to help you balance your budget (of course these percentages vary depending on individual needs):

  1.  Housing 25-30%
  2. Food 8-10%
  3. Healthcare 5-7%
  4. Insurance 7-9%
  5. Clothing 6-8%
  6. Entertainment 5-9%

The remaining portion of your income can be saved. Before signing a lease, you will want at least three month’s rent saved. This extra money will be used to pay the first month rent plus the security deposit and other costs associated with your move. Once you move into your new apartment home stick to your budget!

Charming but Practical, the Small Apartment

Lakeside Apartments Townhomes for rent in College Park, GA

Lakeside Apartment Townhomes

If you live in a small Atlanta apartment, making it feel cozy can be easy, but there are also ways to make your home practical and charming. A tiny affordable apartment is not confined by traditionally labeled spaces; instead you can create areas as you need them. Turning a small floor plan into the spacious apartment you want is as simple as arranging your home to accommodate your needs.

Think about the activities you perform most often and allot the most space to them. How can these activities be made easier and more comfortable? Plan the right amount of space in your apartment for your daily routine. Rank the importance of the living room, dining area, bedrooms, home office and entertainment space. Devote the most area to the activity that is most important to you.

Dining tables can function as desks. A couch can pull out to a quality bed (make sure the sales person knows it will be for daily use). An armoire can reveal an entertainment system and storage. When choosing furniture for a small apartment, remember 3 key things: fold-up, pull-out and multi-purpose.

Giving space to rare occasions or activities that never happen is a common mistake. Don’t give lots of storage to items you never use (*cough, home gym equipment). Daily use items get priority. JAMCO Properties, Inc delivers spacious Atlanta apartments to fit any budget in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Cobb counties.

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