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Adding a Roommate to Your Lease

Linden Ridge apartments for rent in Atlanta

Linden Ridge Apartments in Decatur, GA

Why would you add a roommate to your Atlanta apartment rental? Maybe your current roommate is moving out or your other half is ready to move in. It could be that you just need help with the rent. How do you add a new tenant to the lease? Adding a roommate to your apartment lease requires some thought.

Talk with your property’s leasing specialist. If your landlord approves, your next roommate might have the same rights and responsibilities as you. Make sure the new tenant can pass the screening process. Have your new roommate complete a rental application and they will need a credit report to make sure your roommate is eligible.

You will need to sign a new apartment rental lease. Signing the agreement ensures each party knows their responsibility and rights. This makes sure your roommate is legally committed to paying rent. Be prepared, at this time the apartment community might increase your rent. While JAMCO Properties, Inc never raises the rent based on occupancy, this makes sense to some property managers because adding an additional occupant can mean additional wear and tear on the apartment unit. Usually, you can still come out ahead and save money.

JAMCO Properties, Inc. locally owns and manages 20 communities of apartments in Atlanta, GA. The spacious floor plans and updated amenities fit every budget and our resident service is second to none.

A First Time Renter’s Budget

Thinking about moving into your first Atlanta apartment rental? The idea can be overwhelming if you are worried you won’t have enough money. Before you move out on your own, considering making a budget to help save money and start good spending habits now. JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers affordable rental homes in the greater Atlanta area.

Use an online budget calculator to see how you spend money. The people at MetLife setup some guidelines to help you balance your budget (of course these percentages vary depending on individual needs):

  1.  Housing 25-30%
  2. Food 8-10%
  3. Healthcare 5-7%
  4. Insurance 7-9%
  5. Clothing 6-8%
  6. Entertainment 5-9%

The remaining portion of your income can be saved. Before signing a lease, you will want at least three month’s rent saved. This extra money will be used to pay the first month rent plus the security deposit and other costs associated with your move. Once you move into your new apartment home stick to your budget!

Affordable Apartments in Metro Atlanta

Looking for a metro Atlanta apartment located on the south side? JAMCO Properties, Inc. delivers spacious floor plans throughout historic Clayton County. These close knit communities place residents seconds from Southlake Mall and Mt. Zion Rd. shopping, dining and entertainment. Interstates 75 and public transportation through the X-Press bus line put these apartments just minutes to downtown Atlanta, Georgia and the nearby Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport brings the world within reach.

Hidden Pines at Tara Apartments for rent in Jonesboro, GA

Hidden Pines at Tara Apartments

Come home to an inviting, conveniently located apartment in the Jonesboro, GA area including Forest Park, Riverdale and Morrow. Great resort style amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis and basket ball courts, and complimentary business centers with free Wi-Fi fit every budget looking for an apartment rental at JAMCO. Many of the JAMCO Properties are energy efficient total electric apartments and townhomes to save on home heating and cooking costs with one convenient utility bill. Leasing specialist at JAMCO Properties know about move-in specials available now.

Clayton County Community Garden

Here is a great way for even those that rent Atlanta apartments to enjoy fresh home grown vegetables. Clayton County Commissioner Sonna Singleton wants to see residents playing in her district’s community garden. She hopes to see them planting seeds and growing flowers or vegetables. It doesn’t matter if it’s tomatoes, squash, carrots, radishes, tulips or Black-eyed Susans. Clayton County Community Garden

The commissioner’s desire is to see gardening bring the community together. Seth Coleman, Singleton’s constituent aide, said the commissioner is inviting residents to sign up for her annual spring Community Garden program. Singleton has organized the garden since 2010 and this year’s planting season will begin in March at the Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center in Rex.

Residents from Hidden Pines at Tara or elsewhere in Clayton County interested in gardening this year should contact Singleton at 770-477-3213 to get their space.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for him


Atlanta shops are beginning to bustle with Valentine’s Day shoppers. The folks at Maplewood Pointe Apartments have compiled a list of homemade gifts for men that are extra special as well as their store-bought equivalents.


You can buy expensive tickets to his favorite artist, but there are more thoughtful options available. Rent an affordable karaoke machine and invite his friends over for fun. Or take him back to high school; make a mixed cd of his favorite jams all in one place.

Beer Soap

Ok, purchasing this Guinness beer soap for $6.99 at Etsy may be far more practical than making your own. But for the ambitious Maplewood Pointe, wanted to include instructions for making honey bock soap.

Shaving Cream

High end shaving creams are popping up all over the city. The Art of Shaving located in Lenox Mall and other locations has starter kits for $50. Try your hand at an easy recipe that won’t break your budget.

Phone Case

Gadgets multi-task so why not the cases that protect them? Speck delivers phone cases that double as a wallet for your man. A handcrafted cover will mean more.


Winterize Your Apartment Home

Jamco Properties, Inc. is proud to offer affordable apartment homes.  Unlike Ashwood Ridge and Lexington II set up to include gas and water in the rent, most multi-family housing in Georgia is not. Gas and electric bills can skyrocket this time of year, but you can take steps to stay warm and save money.

  1. Securely cover windows with plastic. Seal them by using strong tape and heating the plastic with a hair dryer to shrink it. Bubble wrap is a good idea too. The pockets of air provide extra insulation.
  2. Make a draft stopper or purchase one from a local retailer.
  3. Reverse the direction of ceiling fans.
  4. Use outlet insulators.
  5. Wrap your hot water heater in a special insulation jacket. Up to 25% of your heat bill can be from making hot water.
  6. Close unused rooms and vents.
  7. Turn your thermostat down. Wearing thermal underwear and eating hot soup are old fashion tips that still work today. Socks slippers and layers all help.

Welcome Home to JAMCO Properties!

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