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Atlanta Apartments: Fall Tips for Pet Owners

Pet-friendly JAMCO Properties

Pets are more than OK, they’re family at JAMCO Properties, Inc.

The dog days of summer are finally over for Atlanta apartments and the gorgeous days of autumn lie ahead for metro Atlanta apartment dwellers and their pets. As fall moves into our community grab your pumpkin spice latte, settle onto your sun-drenched patio or balcony and check out these pet safety tips for cooler weather.

This time of year it is a good idea to begin preparing your vehicle for colder temperatures by replacing engine coolant. Both dogs and cats are attracted to the sweet taste of antifreeze which is extremely poisonous to our four-legged friends. Any spilled coolant should be thoroughly cleaned up immediately. Residents in Atlanta apartments can reduce the risk of consumption by closely monitoring pets while outdoors. Also be aware of poisons used indoors for pest control as those critters are looking for a comfortable apartment too!

Plants and mushrooms pose another threat to pets in autumn. All mushrooms are toxic to dogs. When you take Rover for a walk around Atlanta apartments be mindful that your pup doesn’t ingest any of these. Like dogs, cat are curious about new houseplants brought into their familiar indoor environment. Common holiday plants like holly, poinsettia, chrysanthemum and mistletoe may cause allergies or serious illness for pets. It’s best to keep these out of reach of small children also.

Cats and dogs welcome at Hidden Pines at Tara Apartments

Pet-friendly apartments from Hidden Pines at Tara

Fall is a festive time of year for friends and family to gather in our Atlanta apartments. Remember that decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas can also be dangerous for cats and dogs. You may be tempted to share your seasonal treats with your pet which is ok in moderation; however, review a list of toxic foods for pets with your veterinarian before you add anything to your animal’s diet.

Locally owned JAMCO Properties, Inc. manages 21 pet-friendly apartment communities in Atlanta with caring on-site leasing professionals. This fall warm up with savings in one of our cozy floor plans at Hidden Pines at Tara Apartments in Jonesboro, Georgia.


Apartment Hunting for Pets

Finding pet friendly Atlanta apartments can be exhausting. How you search for apartment homes in Atlanta where your pets are welcome is important. Many great resources for locating pet accommodations in metro Atlanta exist online. National organizations such as the ASPCA have created a list of internet apartment search tools to help renters find Atlanta apartment communities where animals are welcome. Matching your pet with the perfect Atlanta property is the key to the happy lifestyle you and your pet deserve.

Local animal shelters are often helpful places to locate pet friendly apartments in Georgia as well as other areas where dogs are welcome, neighborhood parks for instance. Clayton County is home to several local and state parks excellent for recreation and dog walking in addition to apartment communities where pets are allowed. The Human Society offers referrals for Atlanta apartments that welcome pets too.

The Woods at Southlake Apartments in Jonesboro, GA

The Woods at Southlake, a peaceful park like setting perfect for pets

Start your search early! While these apartment hunting tools are available for Atlanta renters, finding an Atlanta apartment that accepts pets can take more time especially if you own an exotic pet or breed. Check with breed specific rescues to find out if they recommend any Atlanta apartments for rent. Be honest with the leasing staff about your pet needs to prevent you from facing lease violations and fines or worse – having to choose between your pet and your apartment home.

At JAMCO Properties, Inc. and Atlanta Apartments for Rent blog our pets are more than OK, they’re caring parts of our family. Like all of our communities The Woods at Southlake Apartments in Jonesboro, GA welcomes your four legged family members. Large dogs are allowed, but all breeds must be approved by the friendly on-site management team. Visit our home on the web for our complete pet policy.

Settling in Your New Pet Friendly Atlanta Apartment

Moving into a new Atlanta apartment is a very exciting time for everyone in your family including your pets. The excitement of a new place can be stressful for cats and dogs alike. Pets are welcome at all of JAMCO Properties, Inc. 21 Atlanta apartment communities. Here are some great tips from the Humane Society of The United States to help you and your dog or cat adjust to the new layout.Pet Friendly Apartments Now Leasing at JAMCO Properties

First, plan on moving into your apartment on a weekend or when you can be home with your pet for the first few days. Get to know the floor plan and spend some quality time together. Next, maintain your normal routine. Is the office farther away? Will you spend more time away from home because of traffic or other factors? Minimize the changes in your schedule that occur as a result of your new Atlanta apartment.

In the beginning, consider confining your cat to a single room with all their things. And now is a good time to consider a crate for your dog. Because dogs instinctively live in dens, he will think this is his own spacious bedroom! Remember, dogs require an active lifestyle to be healthy. Just a few hours in the crate each day will prevent it from becoming a jail cell.

Finally, be patient. Pet friendly Atlanta apartments make great homes for everyone once they are settled.

Halloween Pet Safety in Atlanta Apartments

This Halloween cutesy pet costumes are not Rover’s biggest enemy in Atlanta apartments. According to the Pet Poison Helpline, the number of calls about dogs ingesting chocolate more than doubles the week of Halloween. Chemicals in chocolate are dangerous for dogs and the smaller the dog, the higher the risk for poisoning. Signs of a chocolate overdose include: vomiting, agitation, elevated heart rate, tremors and collapse. Be mindful of your furry four-legged friends and all the candy going around. The same holds true of grapes, raisins and candy or food containing them.

the playground amenity at Bradford Ridge

Bradford Ridge Apartments – A great place for dogs in Forest Park, GA

If your dog may have eaten chocolate, raisins or grapes then contact your emergency vet immediately!

JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers pet friendly Atlanta apartments for rent at 20 communities around metro Atlanta. Instead of an ugly holiday sweater, invest in healthy treats for your pets. They will thank you.

30 Unexpected Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

affordable Atlanta apartments

Paper towel mummy from

Alanna Okun at BuzzFeed  put together a list of the best homemade Halloween costumes from all over the internet. Now you can stop searching and start living! These affordable outfits are perfect for kids, adults, groups and pets.

Spacious apartments in Decatur Georgia: the dining room

Rake up piles of savings this October- The Village at Wesley Chapel Decatur, GA

Is your pet a good neighbor in its Atlanta apartment?

You’ve found a pet friendly Atlanta apartment rental and you are settled. Take a moment to learn how you can be a good neighbor and pet owner. Simply ask yourself, “What do I expect from a good apartment community neighbor?” Quiet, right? While pets are OK, there are few things owners should consider:

  1. Training. Best done when your dog is young, but you can train an older dog. Once you have moved into your new apartment home take the time to teach Fido to impress. He’ll love the attention.
  2. Local Laws. Learn and follow the areas leash and curb laws. This keeps your four legged friend safe and keeps the apartment complex clean for everyone to enjoy. Most Atlanta apartments have designated dog walk areas or maybe there is a nearby dog park where you and your pet can make new friends.
  3. Barking. Bored and nervous pets can make a lot of noise that other apartment residents may not appreciate. Long walks, lots of toys and plenty of attention give your pet great exercise and keep him happy. And they might prevent a lot of noise.
  4. Cats. Keep kitty inside your Atlanta apartment. She may have returned each time before, but an accident can happen especially in spacious apartment communities with plenty of parking.
  5. Spay or neuter. Spaying or neutering helps control the pet population and increases the life and health of cats and dogs. Additionally, altering a pet can prevent some unwanted behaviors in an apartment.
Well maintained grounds at The Village at Wesley Chapel

Pets are more than ok, pets are welcome at The Village at Wesley Chapel, apartments in Decatur, Georgia

JAMCO Properties, Inc. welcomes cats and dogs at all of its greater Atlanta apartments and townhomes for rent. Speak with a friendly leasing specialist for details on our pet policy.

Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent in Atlanta

Pet friendly Atlanta apartment rentals can be easy to find when renters follow 5 simple rules. Your new apartment needs to be right for you and your four-legged friend too.

  1.  Start your apartment search early. Finding a home where pets are welcome will take extra time, maybe as much as six months.
  2. “No Pets” means no pets. Why bother with these communities? Focus your apartment search on places where cats and dogs are welcome. At all JAMCO Properties pets are more than ok, they are welcome parts of the family.
  3. Show the property management team you’re responsible. Show up to your appointment with references and veterinarian records.
  4. Make sure you sign a pet lease agreement anytime you bring a pet home to live with you. A verbal “OK” from your landlord is not always ok.
  5. Finally, be honest. Hiding a pet in your home will cause trouble for your furry pal. It will cause trouble for you. And it might be illegal. Save yourself the hassle.

Pet Friendly Apartments Now Leasing at JAMCO Properties

JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers affordable pet friendly apartments and townhome throughout the metro Atlanta area, so you can find the right place for you and all your family.

Forever Homes for Pets in Clayton County

Clayton County Apartments for rent in Jonesboro, GA

Atlanta pets brought home for Christmas often find their way to a shelter by February. The management at Oak Run Apartments and Hidden Pines at Tara are happy to report that the Clayton County Humane Society in Jonesboro is cutting fees for the entire month of February on all adoptions. Valentine’s Day is the time to fall in love with your perfect match!

Because every pet has its own personality the humane society suggests you bring the entire family to meet potential new pets.  These dogs are looking for their forever homes and the staff can match the right animal with the right family. All of the animals at the humane society are up to date on vaccinations and are spayed or neutered. They are completely healthy.

Shelter hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. until 4 p.m., Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and Sundays from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. The shelter is closed the first Wednesday of every month.

All of JAMCO Properties are more than “pets ok” they are pet friendly!

New Pets in their New Homes

Puppies and kittens happily move into their new homes around the holidays. Families love welcoming furry friends into their houses or  apartments and hearts this time of year. Hopefully lots of these new friends were rescued and now have their “forever home and family.” Here is a list of inexpensive and helpful resolutions for keeping a new pet or faithful old companion happy and healthy:

  • Take a photo: Like people, pets change with age. If you’re furry friend decides to have an adventure without you, you’ll want to have a current picture for posting.
  • Resolve to exercise: If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the dog, cat, bunny, person..
  • Consolidate medical info: Maintaining your pet’s medical information is important including vet information, names of medication… Use technology. There are iPhone and Android apps for helping you get this information organized. Store the address for the emergency after hours vet in your GPS too.
  • Be prepared:  Include in your home and car emergency kits: a spare leash, a bowl, extra bottles of water, canned pet food, and a blanket.

Finally, resolve to be more like your four legged pal. Love unconditionally. Play hard. Take naps. And sometimes, give yourself a treat.

And pets are more than ok, they’re welcome in all JAMCO properties.


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