BEWARE: Apartment Rental Scams

Apartment rental scams are on the rise in the Atlanta apartment market. Scammers try to take advantage of renters because the stress and emotions involved in moving can make a prospective tenant more vulnerable. Rental scams involve a person trying to get money for an apartment that the person has no legal authority to rent or for an apartment rental that does not exist. Apartment hunters should keep their guard up and avoid common indicators of a rental scam:

  1. Never send money without meeting someone or seeing the apartment. A modest application fee may be required, but it is not normal to pay large deposits for an Atlanta apartment you haven’t inspected. Always ask to see the actual unit for rent before you lease.
  2. Beware of eager landlords. Many landlords and leasing agents want to create a warm sense of community and a renter should expect that. However, most landlords and property management firms want to run a background check plus employment verification. If the agent does NOT ask for these things, it might be a red flag for a scam.
  3. Watch out for unusually high security deposits or upfront fees. Atlanta apartment communities commonly require security deposits or administrative fees. When the fees are in excess of what the law allows or if they exceed two month’s rent, it could be a sign of a scam. JAMCO Properties, Inc. has apartments available in Atlanta with no security deposit pending approved background check and employment verification!
  4. You don’t need a lease? It’s true, a lease is not required to rent an apartment. But a lease or written month to month rental agreement is the most common situation. Only you know the best circumstance for you, but if a landlord tries to get money without considering you might want a lease, think twice.
  5. Finally, if the landlord has lots of excuses for not meeting you or showing the apartment like he’s out of the country and won’t return until after you need to pay money, it might be a rental scam. And if it isn’t a scam this is still an indication of how un-attentive the landlord will be to your needs as a resident. JAMCO properties are locally owned and maintain professional on-site management teams.

JAMCO Properties, Inc. is a long time member of the Atlanta Apartment Association and identified by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the “Top 20” property management companies in Atlanta. Professional associations and recognition like these are indicators of quality apartments that are more than great places to live.

JAMCO Award Winning Property

JAMCO Properties, Inc. recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of Atlanta’s top 20 apartment management companies.


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