Having a roommate in your Atlanta apartment…

Stories of terrible roommates abound whether the parties began as BFF’s or met through a Craigslist apartment listing. Chances are, you have a bad roommate story, but don’t let that stop you from saving even more on your affordable Atlanta apartment. Co-existence can be made enjoyable with simple communication.

Interview. Before you co-sign the lease on an apartment rental, conduct a thorough interview with the candidates for roommate. Ask a lot of questions. People share tons of information on the internet these days. Look them up on Facebook or Google their names. Doing your research now may save you a nightmare later.

Two bedroom two bath floor plant at Riverside Townhome Apartments in Austell.

The 2 bedroom – 2 bath townhome at Riverside Townhome Apartments in Austell, GA is perfect for roommates, families or anyone that needs extra space.

Plan. Spell out the apartment rules from the start by talking about rent, bills, other common expenses, guests and household chores. Make sure you agree on how to keep your clean Atlanta apartment tidy. Cleanliness compatibility can affect your entire roommate relationship.

Discuss. Maintain an open dialogue about your living arrangement by being respectful and open-minded. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t let issues fester either. Apartment lifestyle is about community which begins in your own apartment home.

Listen. Be honest but not too loud and listen. Whether it is a spacious Atlanta townhome or small Midtown apartment, it’s only natural for a roommate to do something that gets on your nerves and vice versa. If you have a bad roommate story, the other guy does too. Peacefully discuss your feelings about the trash being taken out rather than arguing. Treat your roommate the way you want to be treated.

Finally, don’t forget to do the dishes! If your roommate forgets once let it slide instead of leaving a strongly worded note. Just don’t let it become a habit. Be sure to wash your own, also.

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