Atlanta Apartments, the bare necessities

Moving into an Atlanta apartment for the first time is exciting. Maybe you just graduated and you’re ready to leave the nest. Perhaps it’s just time for a change. Either way, be prepared for the little things that might pop up in your apartment home.  Build a home care kit where you maintain the bare necessities.

The power WILL go out! Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but inevitably you will lose power in a total electric apartment. Navigating a new place in the dark can be difficult. Make sure you have a reliable flashlight and plenty of batteries. Keep your flashlight in a nightstand drawer or right under your bed. Maybe  store a backup flashlight in your apartment’s kitchen.

Fill your toolbox with a cordless electronic screw driver, a hammer, nails, a utility knife and super glue or a hot glue gun. An empty apartment wall can be spruced up with affordable art and shelves, but you’ll need to secure them tightly with the proper tools. And a glue or staple gun is a quick fix for many tasks you might encounter in your rental.Atlanta apartment accessories and necessities, super glue

Clothes care essentials, to have on hand in any apartment, include a sewing kit and an iron with ironing board. Learn how to sew a button and save a ton of money. Keep needles and a few colors of thread where you can locate them in a hurry. Do yourself a favor and buy a full sized ironing board that you can easily fold away in a spacious apartment.

Finally, make sure you purchase a coffee pot. But you don’t drink coffee, you say! Well, at some point you probably will, I say! Plus, one day you will likely entertain guests in your apartment and it is polite to offer them a cup of coffee. As you go, you will find other “necessities” you can’t live without. But here this is a list of the basics to get you started.


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