A First Time Renter’s Budget

Thinking about moving into your first Atlanta apartment rental? The idea can be overwhelming if you are worried you won’t have enough money. Before you move out on your own, considering making a budget to help save money and start good spending habits now. JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers affordable rental homes in the greater Atlanta area.

Use an online budget calculator to see how you spend money. The people at MetLife setup some guidelines to help you balance your budget (of course these percentages vary depending on individual needs):

  1.  Housing 25-30%
  2. Food 8-10%
  3. Healthcare 5-7%
  4. Insurance 7-9%
  5. Clothing 6-8%
  6. Entertainment 5-9%

The remaining portion of your income can be saved. Before signing a lease, you will want at least three month’s rent saved. This extra money will be used to pay the first month rent plus the security deposit and other costs associated with your move. Once you move into your new apartment home stick to your budget!

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