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Atlanta Apartment Checklist

Renters searching for Atlanta apartments can use this helpful checklist to find the perfect metro Atlanta apartment home for them. JAMCO Properties, Inc. serves the city with 20 apartment communities in metro Atlanta. Find the spacious townhomes or apartments for rent right for you!

Terms   and Conditions

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Date available
Pet rules/deposit
Late payment charges
Length of lease
Penalty for breaking   lease
Physical changes   allowed
Rent amount
Rent due
Utilities included

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Air conditioning
Ample outlets
Bedroom privacy
Cable TV connection
Hardwood floors
Closet space
Light Fixtures
Natural light
Paint/wall   conditions
Phone jack in each   room
Water pressure

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Age of refrigerator
Counter space
Garbage disposal
Gas/electric stove
Smoothly opening   drawers

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Laundry facilities
Loud garbage chute   nearby
Noise level
Bike racks
Elevators/stairs   proximity
Roof access
Soundproof walls

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Emergency exits
Fire extinguishers
Functioning windows
Gated entrance
Lead hazards
Locks on all doors
Outside lighting
Smoke detectors

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Average community   age
Public   transportation proximity
Distance from   school/work
Proximity of   grocery, bank, post office, etc.

Express Style in Your Atlanta Apartment

The first step to decorating your Atlanta apartment is to figure out your decorating preferences. Enter the room you want to redecorate to get a grasp on your style. Begin with these steps to move your apartment rental in the direction you want.

Test yourself and be honest. Imagine someone you like and whose opinion you value walks into your home. When your guest walks into the space what do they say? What do you want them to say? The answers may be different and tell you what isn’t working in your Atlanta townhome or apartment.

Analyze what made you choose this space. Was it the location: peaceful park like setting or carefree lifestyle in walking distance to transit? Was it the building’s architecture: the floor plan or the unique outside? Make what brought you to your apartment work for you. Turn architectural details of the apartment building like bright windows or fireplaces into a focal point. Or bring some of the surrounding Atlanta, GA inside: color palette, fabric for textures and plants.

Mountain Lake Apartments for rent in Stone Mountain

Mountain Lake Apartments in Stone Mountain, GA

Stay practical with the lifestyle you live in your Atlanta apartment. If you have children or pets, having all white décor or fragile works of art is a recipe for disaster. Which room do you use the most in your apartment rental? If it is the kitchen focus your efforts there, if not move into the bedroom, living area or home office space.

Be resourceful. Hiring a decorator can be costly. If you’re on a limited budget you can decorate your affordable Atlanta apartment on your own. Scour the internet. Buy some decorating books from the bargain section at the bookstore.  You will be on your way to living well in your well decorated Atlanta apartment before you know it.

Atlanta Weather Preparedness

Atlanta apartments for rent, weather preparedness

2008 Atlanta Tornado Outbreak

No Atlanta apartment resident will forget the 2008 tornado outbreak that affected so many Atlanta apartments, homes and businesses. While the weather in Atlanta, GA delivers plenty of sunshine for Atlanta apartment renters to enjoy, the occasional storm is easier to bear when residents are better prepared.

Evaluate your living space and work area. Have a plan for where you want to be when the sirens go off, a place or room away from windows, overhead storage and fully enclosed within the property. The lowest level of an apartment or townhome is best.

Keeping an emergency kit ready with food, water and prescription medications can help limit the ill effects of a tornado on your peace of mind.  Include enough water and food for 3 days for each person. Also, don’t forget Fido! Make sure pets are ok too, keep food and water for them. Rotate the items so nothing expires.

Maintain an up to date renters’ insurance policy. After a storm, the last thing you should worry about is replacing your possessions. Having a backup plan like insurance can ease the stress of rebuilding your life. Residents are responsible for their own property in an Atlanta apartment rental.

JAMCO Properties, Inc. provides the best Atlanta Georgia apartment rentals
 in 20 apartment communities in Metro Atlanta.

The Real World, Atlanta apartment edition!

What happens when people come together in a 2 bedroom 1 bath Atlanta apartment and stop being nice and start being real? The Real World, Atlanta! Seriously, why did MTV renovate all those huge floor plans and put in 1 bathroom? Adjusting to a single bath, shared between roommates and guests, has its challenges, but with these tips anyone can make their cozy Atlanta apartment work for everyone.

Morrow GA apartment for rent

Morrowood Townhomes Morrow, GA.

  1. Have sealed storage. Whether it is updated cabinetry or an IKEA space saver, lots of storage is easily had and keeps little hands out of trouble. If you or your guests have children a sealed container is more of a deterrent.
  2. Keep the décor neutral. A simple clean bathroom ensures you and your guests are comfortable in every room of your rental.
  3. Create a cleaning schedule. Stay on top of this and your clean apartment home will remain that way. Sticking to a schedule prevents arguments and saves headaches.
  4. Provide the necessities. Having extra toilet paper, soap and towels on hand can prevent embarrassing moments for everyone.
  5. Finally, store valuables in your bedroom. Unfortunately, when you live in shared space jewelry and other items become vulnerable.

JAMCO Properties, Inc serves the greater Atlanta area with 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments for rent and a wide range of affordable floor plans in 20 amazing communities.

Atlanta Apartments, the bare necessities

Moving into an Atlanta apartment for the first time is exciting. Maybe you just graduated and you’re ready to leave the nest. Perhaps it’s just time for a change. Either way, be prepared for the little things that might pop up in your apartment home.  Build a home care kit where you maintain the bare necessities.

The power WILL go out! Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but inevitably you will lose power in a total electric apartment. Navigating a new place in the dark can be difficult. Make sure you have a reliable flashlight and plenty of batteries. Keep your flashlight in a nightstand drawer or right under your bed. Maybe  store a backup flashlight in your apartment’s kitchen.

Fill your toolbox with a cordless electronic screw driver, a hammer, nails, a utility knife and super glue or a hot glue gun. An empty apartment wall can be spruced up with affordable art and shelves, but you’ll need to secure them tightly with the proper tools. And a glue or staple gun is a quick fix for many tasks you might encounter in your rental.Atlanta apartment accessories and necessities, super glue

Clothes care essentials, to have on hand in any apartment, include a sewing kit and an iron with ironing board. Learn how to sew a button and save a ton of money. Keep needles and a few colors of thread where you can locate them in a hurry. Do yourself a favor and buy a full sized ironing board that you can easily fold away in a spacious apartment.

Finally, make sure you purchase a coffee pot. But you don’t drink coffee, you say! Well, at some point you probably will, I say! Plus, one day you will likely entertain guests in your apartment and it is polite to offer them a cup of coffee. As you go, you will find other “necessities” you can’t live without. But here this is a list of the basics to get you started.


Consider Maintenance

An important point to consider when hunting for the right Atlanta apartment is maintenance. First, you will need to find out how a possible apartment community deals with maintenance issues. Even fully equipped modern kitchens require repairs sometimes. And if the property management is not attentive to resident needs, time savers like a garbage disposal or dishwashers can become useless.

Atlanta apartments maintenance and safety in homes for rentHow do you determine the level of support a landlord will provide for maintenance issues? Ask the leasing specialist handling your inquiry. Good questions include, “Is there an on-site team trained to handle maintenance requests?”, “What hours are maintenance requests handled?” and “What is the estimated time for repairs to be completed?” Also, ask current residents. JAMCO Properties, Inc. is proud to have on-site 24 hour emergency maintenance teams at each of its Atlanta apartment communities.

After doing some leg work and asking the right questions, you can locate the perfect Atlanta apartment rental for you.

Adding a Roommate to Your Lease

Linden Ridge apartments for rent in Atlanta

Linden Ridge Apartments in Decatur, GA

Why would you add a roommate to your Atlanta apartment rental? Maybe your current roommate is moving out or your other half is ready to move in. It could be that you just need help with the rent. How do you add a new tenant to the lease? Adding a roommate to your apartment lease requires some thought.

Talk with your property’s leasing specialist. If your landlord approves, your next roommate might have the same rights and responsibilities as you. Make sure the new tenant can pass the screening process. Have your new roommate complete a rental application and they will need a credit report to make sure your roommate is eligible.

You will need to sign a new apartment rental lease. Signing the agreement ensures each party knows their responsibility and rights. This makes sure your roommate is legally committed to paying rent. Be prepared, at this time the apartment community might increase your rent. While JAMCO Properties, Inc never raises the rent based on occupancy, this makes sense to some property managers because adding an additional occupant can mean additional wear and tear on the apartment unit. Usually, you can still come out ahead and save money.

JAMCO Properties, Inc. locally owns and manages 20 communities of apartments in Atlanta, GA. The spacious floor plans and updated amenities fit every budget and our resident service is second to none.

A First Time Renter’s Budget

Thinking about moving into your first Atlanta apartment rental? The idea can be overwhelming if you are worried you won’t have enough money. Before you move out on your own, considering making a budget to help save money and start good spending habits now. JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers affordable rental homes in the greater Atlanta area.

Use an online budget calculator to see how you spend money. The people at MetLife setup some guidelines to help you balance your budget (of course these percentages vary depending on individual needs):

  1.  Housing 25-30%
  2. Food 8-10%
  3. Healthcare 5-7%
  4. Insurance 7-9%
  5. Clothing 6-8%
  6. Entertainment 5-9%

The remaining portion of your income can be saved. Before signing a lease, you will want at least three month’s rent saved. This extra money will be used to pay the first month rent plus the security deposit and other costs associated with your move. Once you move into your new apartment home stick to your budget!

Charming but Practical, the Small Apartment

Lakeside Apartments Townhomes for rent in College Park, GA

Lakeside Apartment Townhomes

If you live in a small Atlanta apartment, making it feel cozy can be easy, but there are also ways to make your home practical and charming. A tiny affordable apartment is not confined by traditionally labeled spaces; instead you can create areas as you need them. Turning a small floor plan into the spacious apartment you want is as simple as arranging your home to accommodate your needs.

Think about the activities you perform most often and allot the most space to them. How can these activities be made easier and more comfortable? Plan the right amount of space in your apartment for your daily routine. Rank the importance of the living room, dining area, bedrooms, home office and entertainment space. Devote the most area to the activity that is most important to you.

Dining tables can function as desks. A couch can pull out to a quality bed (make sure the sales person knows it will be for daily use). An armoire can reveal an entertainment system and storage. When choosing furniture for a small apartment, remember 3 key things: fold-up, pull-out and multi-purpose.

Giving space to rare occasions or activities that never happen is a common mistake. Don’t give lots of storage to items you never use (*cough, home gym equipment). Daily use items get priority. JAMCO Properties, Inc delivers spacious Atlanta apartments to fit any budget in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Cobb counties.

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