Pet Friendly Apartments For Rent in Atlanta

Pet friendly Atlanta apartment rentals can be easy to find when renters follow 5 simple rules. Your new apartment needs to be right for you and your four-legged friend too.

  1.  Start your apartment search early. Finding a home where pets are welcome will take extra time, maybe as much as six months.
  2. “No Pets” means no pets. Why bother with these communities? Focus your apartment search on places where cats and dogs are welcome. At all JAMCO Properties pets are more than ok, they are welcome parts of the family.
  3. Show the property management team you’re responsible. Show up to your appointment with references and veterinarian records.
  4. Make sure you sign a pet lease agreement anytime you bring a pet home to live with you. A verbal “OK” from your landlord is not always ok.
  5. Finally, be honest. Hiding a pet in your home will cause trouble for your furry pal. It will cause trouble for you. And it might be illegal. Save yourself the hassle.

Pet Friendly Apartments Now Leasing at JAMCO Properties

JAMCO Properties, Inc. offers affordable pet friendly apartments and townhome throughout the metro Atlanta area, so you can find the right place for you and all your family.

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