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Winterize Your Apartment Home

Jamco Properties, Inc. is proud to offer affordable apartment homes.  Unlike Ashwood Ridge and Lexington II set up to include gas and water in the rent, most multi-family housing in Georgia is not. Gas and electric bills can skyrocket this time of year, but you can take steps to stay warm and save money.

  1. Securely cover windows with plastic. Seal them by using strong tape and heating the plastic with a hair dryer to shrink it. Bubble wrap is a good idea too. The pockets of air provide extra insulation.
  2. Make a draft stopper or purchase one from a local retailer.
  3. Reverse the direction of ceiling fans.
  4. Use outlet insulators.
  5. Wrap your hot water heater in a special insulation jacket. Up to 25% of your heat bill can be from making hot water.
  6. Close unused rooms and vents.
  7. Turn your thermostat down. Wearing thermal underwear and eating hot soup are old fashion tips that still work today. Socks slippers and layers all help.

New Pets in their New Homes

Puppies and kittens happily move into their new homes around the holidays. Families love welcoming furry friends into their houses or  apartments and hearts this time of year. Hopefully lots of these new friends were rescued and now have their “forever home and family.” Here is a list of inexpensive and helpful resolutions for keeping a new pet or faithful old companion happy and healthy:

  • Take a photo: Like people, pets change with age. If you’re furry friend decides to have an adventure without you, you’ll want to have a current picture for posting.
  • Resolve to exercise: If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the dog, cat, bunny, person..
  • Consolidate medical info: Maintaining your pet’s medical information is important including vet information, names of medication… Use technology. There are iPhone and Android apps for helping you get this information organized. Store the address for the emergency after hours vet in your GPS too.
  • Be prepared:  Include in your home and car emergency kits: a spare leash, a bowl, extra bottles of water, canned pet food, and a blanket.

Finally, resolve to be more like your four legged pal. Love unconditionally. Play hard. Take naps. And sometimes, give yourself a treat.

And pets are more than ok, they’re welcome in all JAMCO properties.


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