Moving Tips

Relocating to a new place is both exciting and stressful. Deciding where everything goes and planning the layout of your new apartment or house is fun, but a lot of labor goes into packing and moving. Plan ahead to limit your headaches. Then use the following guidelines on moving day.


7 Moving Day Tips

  1. Move on a weekday when leasing offices, banks, utilities, and government offices are open. Additionally, truck rentals are more affordable during the week according to U-Haul.
  2. Begin packing as early as 2 months before moving day. Out of season clothing, seasonal decorations, fine china, books, a movie collection… these are all things you can pack early. Having a stack of boxes around for 8 weeks might not sound like a fun, but it will save you so much stress.
  3. Label your boxes by room and general content. If you’ve hired professional movers or if you’ve asked friends to help, this will help them know where things go in your new house or apartment.
  4. Place your plates standing on edge in the box. Wrap each in plenty of paper and pad the bottom of your box. This will help prevent damage to your dishes. For all your boxes be sure to fill the empty space with paper or padding so that they will not collapse.
  5. Pack large items in small boxes and small items in large boxes. Heavy large items will fall through the center of a large box and small light items can be safely stacked in larger boxes. The exception is books. Heavy books should be packed in small boxes so you can lift them.
  6. On moving day, leave your pets and small children with a friend. Movers, professional or otherwise are distracted by kids and barking dogs. Plus, this insures the safety of children and pets alike.
  7. Finally, remember the last thing you packed? It’s probably the first thing you want to unpack! You were using it right up to the last-minute because you need it. Maybe it was cleaning supplies, maybe it was bedding, maybe it was a toothbrush… Chances are it was important.

Leasing consultants at Laurel Pointe Apartments have more tips for easy moving.

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